Tennis, re-imagined:

Courtside seats for the digital age.

Feel the adrenaline surge of a winning rally from the comfort of your own couch with Battleground Universe. Witness the spray of the serve, the grunt of exertion, and the collective gasp of the crowd as if you’re inches from the net. We curate an immersive experience that transcends the limitations of the screen, placing you right there on the court, living every point to the fullest.

Your gateway to the world of tennis

Unparalleled access.
Unforgettable experiences.

The secrets of the pros, unlocked

Go beyond the baseline and unlock the secrets used by the champions.

Get so close, you'll almost need sunscreen

Feel the heat of the court and the roar of the crowd – virtually courtside.

The VIP experience for every tennis fan

Live the dream, unlock exclusive content, and create memories that will ignite your passion.

Your Ultimate

Tennis Destination

From edge-of-your-seat matches to impressive experiences, we create a world where fans become family. Join the rally, feel the roar, and discover tennis re-imagined.

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